This weekend will be basketball-heavy for the Indy Hawks, playing host to three good and strong teams that figure to push the Hawks to the brink. Looking to improve their 10-5 record with the CAAD coming up, the Hawks are seeking challenges to push themselves.

The Hawks will host the Indy CAC All-Stars (comprised of former GIDC basketball players/alumns) at ISD’s Caskey Gym at 630pm Friday night (Feb 20th). The game will be 12 minute quarters – NBA Clock style.

Saturday, February 21st at 12noon, the Hawks will face Alliance then play DOZ at 4pm using a regulation NCAA Clock game system. Alliance currently is the Fieldhouse’s #1 ranked team with DOZ high in the standings. The Hawks are 2-4 inthe Fieldhouse League but are peaking at the right time.

PG/SG Brian Bippus has been having a reinvigorated season, leading the Hawks in scoring from his guard spot with a steady 18 ppg. Center Edlin Dorn has been triple and double teamed all season, but has been consistently putting out double-doubles. Each member of the Hawks has slowly but steadily been rounding into a fierce battling machine looking to run everyone off the court the next two months.

All admissions are $5 for each game. See you all there.


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