Hard at Work!

Hawks at work

Hawks at work

The Indy Hawks have been practicing almost daily in order to defend their USADB championship crown. The 65th annual men’s tournament has the Hawks seeded number one and the team departs this Wedneday morning for Anaheim, California. A brief recap of how the Hawks have finished in the past 4 years:

2008: USADB Champions (32-7 season record)

2007: 3rd place USADB (35-5 season record)

2006: 2nd place USADB (22-2 season record)

2005: 2nd place USADB (18-3 season record)

This spring 12 teams from across the contiential USA will participate in the USADB tournament. The USADB tournament information can be found at www.usadb.us

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