GIDC/Indy Hawks Deaflympics Alumni

With the 2009 Deaflympics taking place in Taipei, Taiwan – The Indy Hawks are listing all former/current Hawks who have been involved with international competition, whether under the Hawks or other club teams during their selection.  The international competition includes the Deaflympics, World Championships and Pan American Games.

The roll call of GIDC/ Indy Hawks that have performed before an international stage: Kevin Smith, Brendan Holliday, Darryl Thomas, Keith Westhoelter, Robert Haney, Jr, Matt Johnson, Edlin Dorn, Onye Davis, Brian Bippus, Peter Badavas, John Hazelett and Gerry Joseph.

With the 35+ number of games that the Hawks schedule annually – it is a benefit that enables the basketball team to enter the USADB battle-tested. With the high number of games, the average Hawk player has the necessary stamina, experience and mental toughness to try-out and compete for roster spots on the men’s USA basketball team.

2005 Deaflympics Gold Medal team

2005 Deaflympics Gold Medal team


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