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February 26, 2011

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Official Letter from the CAAD to the Indy Hawks

February 23, 2011

Indy Hawks at work

Dear Indy Hawks,

CAAD is returning your Club Membership Check, Team Registration Form, Delegate Credential Form, and Team Fees as the results of high volume protests among the CAAD Club Members, CAAD Teams, Regions, and CAAD players.

CAAD wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Neal McKenizie
Sports Commissioner

The Indy Hawks have read this letter and fail to get a clear understanding as to the specifics of what the protests are about as the Hawks have never had a problem with any member teams or within the region the past decade or so. This is an enormous dissappointment for the Indy Hawks, who at 13-6 are one of the contenders for the 2011 USADB championship.

This is an insult to the Indy Hawks and all committed teams everywhere as it is a well-known fact locally and nationally that the Hawks are one of the hardest-working teams in the USA, attempting to play in two leagues per week with basketball games every weekend – an enormous personal commitment undertaken by each team member – most of whom have sacrificed family time and other obligations to ensure the Indy Hawks remain successful.

The Hawks sincerely believe the CAAD officers are acting in collusion with several in-region coaches/teams regarding the Hawks long-standing commitment to the USADB organization. The CAAD officers have also approached several Hawks players to encourage and allow them to play for other teams during the CAAD tournament next weekend – in effect: attempting to break up the Indy Hawks basketball team.

Carl Denney, Indy Hawks Head Coach

CAAD excludes the Indy Hawks!

February 22, 2011

The Indy Hawks are saddened to announce that the CAAD has kicked out the Indy Hawks from the 66th annual CAAD to take place next weekend – the first weekend of March. The reasoning behind this is not mentioned, nor explained but officer Neal Kenize states that the CAAD has received a large volume of protests from inside and outside the region as to the Indy Hawks participation and that the players/coaches of the Central Region have voted to have the Indy Hawks banned from participating. The Indy Hawks have not lost a region game in 7 years and have been Central champions since April 2004. The unofficial reason is that the Indy Hawks are simply “too strong” for the CAAD region.

The decision has been made by the CAAD officers, without our knowledge or input and has come as a surprise and a disappointment to the Hawks, who as a team, have been eagerly looking forward to playing in the tournament. The Hawks have not caused a scandal, nor received as much as a technical in CAAD play in the 7 years I have coached the team. Games have often been close within the tournament – as evidenced by WSAD’s 7 point loss to the Indy team in 2005,  Kentucky’s halftime lead over the Hawks in the CAAD opener in 2008; WSAD nearly upsetting the Hawks in 2009 and Central Zone giving us fits the past two years.

The past 7 seasons have seen the Hawks undergo at least three major personnel changes in order to stay competitive and among the USADB Elite, which has been heavily revolved around Indiana School for the Deaf alumni, grassroots basketball players and smart coaching. The ensusing result has been appearances in the USADB Championship game 5 times in the past 6 years, with two USADB championships as well as 7 consecutive Central region championships.

The Indy Hawks make no apologies for working hard to be champions on an annual basis and are severely disappointed in the CAAD’s decision to exclude the Indy Hawks from the 66th annual tournament.

Indy Hawks Basketball Clinic Pictures

February 10, 2011

The Indy Hawks Basketball Clinic

February 10, 2011

On Wednesday February 9th, the Indy Hawks hosted a basketball clinic at the Indiana School for the Deaf’s Kratzenberg Recreation Center for students in grades 1 – 4. Over forty students participated in the clinic, which was sponsored by Indiana Relay. The participants learned various fundamental nuances of the game of basketball – shooting, passing, dribbling and defense. The Hawks were able to impart basketball wisdom to the participants and a good time was had by everyone involved.

Indy Hawks Basketball Clinic

2011 WSAD Invitational Champions – team picture

February 7, 2011

2011 WSAD Invitational Champions - Indy Hawks

Indy Hawks capture 2011 WSAD Invitational

February 2, 2011

Indy Hawks Special Report

The Indy Hawks went to Chicago for the annual WSAD tournament yesterday (January 29th) and came home victorious for the fourth straight time. With only 8 players, the Hawks were able to defeat Lincoln (defending MAAD champions) 69-28 then defeated Chicago Stags (defending CAAD champions) 53-24 before meeting Central Zone for the championship which the Hawks won 57-52. Scoring among the Hawks were balanced each game and our defense, rebounding and ball-sharing among the versatile players were able to propel us each game. The players representing the Hawks were John Little, Brian Bippus, Eugene King, Onye Davis, Kevin Webster, Nick Parks, Sam Davis and Keith Westhoelter. Our record currently is 9-5 with a Fieldhouse League game coming up this Wednesday at 9pm.

Next week Wednesday on February 9th, the Hawks will give a basketball clinic to the ISD students in grades 1st to 4th at the KRC Gym from 3pm to 430pm. An expected 30 children will take part in different drills focusing on the fundamentals such as passing, dribbling, shooting and learning defense nuances.

In a related note, the Hawks are in dire need of donations and sponsorship to allow us to travel to the USADB Nationals held in Minneapolis this coming April. The Hawks have been in the USADB championship game 5 out of the last six years, winning in 2008 and 09. Our championships and continued team successes have helped make Indianapolis the “USA Capitol of Deaf Basketball” the past six year as well as being one of the favorites to win the 2011 USADB championship – a reality that needs our community’s help to happen. Please email Carl at for further information.