Indy Invitational Results

Chicago defeated Indy on a buzzer-beating shot off a stolen pass (that was stolen by Indy just a second before) by John Little to win the Indy Invitational in OT, 45-43.

That game was a very exciting, hard-fought one and had the club debut of Chicago’s Layton Seeber, the recent Gallaudet/Deaflympics point guard, who was a pleasure to watch. Indy has the last shot go in in regulation but that was waved off due to a called foul just before the shot. The next shot by Cara Vasquez, a 3-pointer, went in and out of the rim to provide an OT ending.

The win by Chicago was instrumental in handing Indy their first home court loss to a regional team in over a decade.

The tournament was vibrant and enjoyable despite the heavy snow. Four Chicago teams (CCD, Rebels (coached by Mike Ashford), Beasts and Rumble) and Kentucky participated along with two Indy teams.  The Chicago Rebels defeated the Indy “B” for 3rd place.

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